OptiFormula Multi

OptiFormula Multi

Optiformul Multi, uses Multi Blend techniques to let you solve group of formulas with the lowest costs, analize, save, create professional printouts and scale them accordingly.

Developed for companies and individuals who want to make their job professionally.

OptiFormula Multi helps you to solve several formulas at once with limited total ingredients. Our software considers ingredient and nutrient limits to optimize wholse set with least total cost to you.

User Groups

  • Feed Plants

  • Milk and Beef Farms

  • Egg and Broiler Farms

  • Feed Consultants

  • Fish Feed Manufacturers

OptiFormula Multi can be used for poultry, sheep, cattle, fish and other animal feed formulation purposes. The main purpose of the software is to achieve well-balanced and optimized formulas for animal feed, concentrates and pre-mixtures. With its simple and easy to use interface, it is very easy to make the complex process of optimizing the feed formulas. Therefore, it is an ideal software solution for feed mills, milk and livestock breeders, eggs and broiler farms, fish feed manufacturers and feed consultants.

Compare Software Features

Software Feature OptiFormula Pro OptiFormula Multi OptiFormula Enterprise
Free Update over internet
Ongoing support
Annual maintenance contract need
Add unlimited number of ingredients
Add new Ingredient
Updateable Ingredient nutritional values
Copy Ingredient
Change Ingredient Prices
Save ingredient info as excel or PDF
Define additional costs to ingredients
Define general and specific formulas for ingredients
Keep ingredient versions
Filter ingrediends by plants
Define ingedientd groups
Copy ingredient groups
Add unlimited number of nutrients
Add new nutrients
Change nutrient info
Define nutrient types
Define nutrient as ratios
Change nutrient limits easily
See nutrient values as a matrix table
Export nutrient value matrix as excel or PDF
Save nutrient values of ingredients as excel or PDF
Define nutrient formulas
Define conditions for nutrient formulas
Copy nutrient formulas
Define nutrient groups
Copy nutrient groups
Define unlimited number of feed formulas
Add new feed formula
Optimize Single Blend formulas to get least cost
Copy feed formula
Compare feed formula
Make ingredient active or passive in solution screen
Make nutrients active or passive in solution screen
Save feed formula as excel or PDF
See ingredient values in formula solution screen easyly
Nutrient distribution of ingredients graph
Define formula templates
See formula cost without recalcualting when prices of ingredients change
Print feed production sheet
Formula archive
Revert archived formula to stored formula
Dual parametric analysis for ingredients
Dual parametric analysis for nutrients
Save formula as ingredient
Define ingredient combinations
Change formula pricing plant in solution screen
Try alternative ingredient for the formula
Formula validation and analysis
Calculate needed ingredient amount for a period
Define unlimited number of plants
Add new plant
Define different ingredient prices for each plant
Define different nutrient values for each plant
Define more than one database
Copy database
Upload your data to a new database for special usages
Define unlimited number of users
Login required for safe usage of software
Change user without exiting software
Define company name within the software
Define company logo within the software
Print company name and logo on reports
Optimize Multi Blend formulas to get least cost
Change price plants for multi blend formulas
Define limitations to ingredients in multi blend formulas
Define limitations to ingredient groups in multi blend formulas
Delete an ingredient from all multi blend formulas at once
Add an ingredient to all multi blend formulas at once
Make passive an ingredient in all multi blend formulas at once
Make active an ingredient in all multi blend formulas at once
Change an ingredient with an alternative ingredient in all multi blend formulas at once
See and change an ingredients limitations in all multiblend formulas easily
See and change an ingredients limitations in all multiblend formulas easily
Installation on central server and multi-user support
Database maintained in SQL Server
Multiple usage with different user privileges
Infrastructure to work with ERP systems (SAP etc.)
Infrastructure to work with Analysis Laboratory systems
Automated price withdrawal infrastructure from ERP systems