OptiTMR Pro

OptiTMR Pro

OptiTMR is a complete blend ration (TMR) software software for Feed Factories, Feed consultants, Dairy and Livestock farms and their daily activities. Milk, Fattening, Heifer and Dry Period are all given together.

It is prepared for companies and individuals who want to do their job professionally.

User Groups

  • Feed Factories

  • Dairy and Beef Farms

  • Sheep Breeders

  • Goat Breeders

OptiTMR aims to provide the cheapest cost-effective daily ration by correctly calculating the daily needs of the animal and uses the formulas of NRC and INRA for this. When NRC values ​​are used exactly for races in our country, they may not give the desired results. OptiTMR provided improvements in NRC formulas to overcome this problem by taking into consideration the characteristics of races and raw materials in our country.

Whether You Use NRC Metabolic Energy, NRC Net Energy, or INRA UFL / UFV ...

With OptiTMR, you can solve your daily rations based on NRC NET ENERGY (NEL, NEM, NEG), NRC METABOLIC ENERGY (ME) or INRA (UFL, UFV).

Asks Simple Questions ...

OptiTMR basically asks for some animal information. These are questions that can be easily answered according to the ration type, such as the live weight of the animal, milk yield, and how many lactation. With this information, the daily needs of the animal are calculated. The user can then enter the coarse and dense feeds on the solution screen and learn the cheapest cost-effective mixture that will meet the daily need of the animal.

Software Features

Software Feature OptiTMR Pro 4.0
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Hayvan ihtiyaçlarını NRC Net Enerji tabanlı hesaplama
Hayvan ihtiyaçlarını NRC Metabolik Enerji tabanlı hesaplama
Hayvan ihtiyaçlarını INRA (UFL,UFV) tabanlı hesaplama
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