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Our customers reduced their costs, increased their profits by using our software.
Now it's your turn…

Reasonable Price and Flexibility

Our software prices are reasonable since you pay for only the software you need. Why pay more to over-priced software in with equivalent / similar features?. Why pay more?

Easy to Use Software

Create your formula, add/delete ingredients and nutriets, and optimize it on the same screen. See nutritional values and change prices of ingredients without leaving the solution screen.

Matrix Values are Ready

Ingredients and nutritional values are already entered to database in the software. Users can make changes to these values they want. Users can add new ingredients and nutrients to the database.

Always Least Cost

Our feed formulation software uses international standards algorithms, enabling you to reach the least cost formula solution. Our software suggests changes on boundries of formula to reach more cheaper solutions as well.

Analysis That You Need

Our software will analyze how it might effect your formula of the frequently changing prices of ingredients in the dynamic market conditions. Dual parametric analysis will let you see the impact of price changes on your formula.

Professional Service

As İLİKSOFT, we don't promise anything if we can not keep it. We aalways advice honestly to all our customers. We offer custom professional services to each of our customers. If you need, we provide full support for all our products.